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At Atlas Air Ambulance, we take pride in the professionalism and expertise of our aircrew and medical team. With a commitment to safety, training, and excellence, our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality air medical transportation services to our patients and their families.


At Atlas Air Ambulance, our aircrew is the backbone of our operation. Committed to safety, professionalism, and excellence, our team ensures that every flight is conducted with precision and care. Here's what you need to know about our aircrew.

Flight Operations

We operate with a two-pilot crew on all flights, ensuring redundancy and safety at all times.

Our pilots hold current pilot licenses and medical certificates, along with ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) ratings, demonstrating their high level of skill and proficiency.

Pilot Development Program

Atlas Air Ambulance has instituted a Pilot Development Program to support the continued development, education, and training of our pilots. This program ensures that our pilots stay current with the latest industry standards and best practices.

In-House Flight and Maintenance Crews

We employ our own flight and maintenance crews, allowing us to maintain complete control over our operations and keep our aircraft in tip-top shape at all times. This ensures the safety and reliability of our fleet for every mission.

State-of-the-Art Aircraft and Equipment

Our fleet of aircrafts are outfitted with the same medical equipment found in intensive care units, ensuring that our patients receive the highest level of care during transport.


Additionally, our medical staff has undergone flight physiology certification, enabling them to anticipate how the altitude will affect medications and the patient's physical condition. This ensures the safety and well-being of our patients throughout the flight.

Our Aircrew

Medical Team

Atlas Air Ambulance prioritizes the importance of having the most qualified medical flight crew on board to ensure the highest standard of air care during patient transportation. Our staff consists of top-tier aero-medically trained personnel, including Critical Care Nurses and Paramedics with diverse multidisciplinary backgrounds. Under the supervision of a MD specializing in emergency and critical care, our dedicated team is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our patients throughout the journey.

Critical Nurses

Our Critical Care Nurses bring extensive experience from various healthcare settings, including:

  • Emergency Room

  • Intensive Care

  • Labor and Delivery / Obstetrics

  • Pediatrics

They hold certifications such as CFRN (Certified Flight Registered Nurse), CEN (Certified Emergency Nurse), and CCRN (Critical Care Registered Nurse).

Critical Care Paramedics

Our Critical Care Paramedics are skilled in pre-hospital care and possess expertise in:

  • Complex Airway Management

  • Critical Care Experience

They hold certifications such as FP-C (Flight Paramedic Certified), CCEMT-P (Critical Care Emergency Medical Transport Paramedic), and CCP-C (Critical Care Paramedic Certified).

In-Flight Physicians

For those who require additional support, we offer the option to request a physician to be added to the team when needed, guaranteeing personalized and thorough care tailored to your specific health requirements. All requests are at the discretion of the flight team and medical director.

Commitment to Patient Care

Our team is committed to providing exceptional care and safety to our patients. We maintain strong working relationships with case managers to ensure seamless coordination of care. Our mission is always met with professionalism and dedication.

Certifications and Training

Flight Physiology – Completion of a U.S. Department of Transportation Air Medical Crew-Advanced National Standard Curriculum

ACLS – Advanced Cardiac Life Support

ATLS – Advanced Trauma Life Support

BLS – Basic Life Support

NRP – Neonatal Resuscitative Protocols

PALS – Pediatric Advanced Life Support

TNCC – Trauma Nurse Core Curriculum

Our Medical Team
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Atlas Air Ambulance: More About the Pilatus PC-12

Atlas Air Ambulance operates with the renowned Pilatus PC-12, a highly respected single-engine turboprop aircraft manufactured by the Swiss company Pilatus. With over 70 years of experience in the aviation industry, Pilatus has established itself as the largest single-engine turboprop manufacturer globally. Here's more about the Pilatus PC-12:

Pilatus Legacy and Development:

  • Pilatus introduced the original PC-12 in 1989 at NBAA, followed by its first flight in 1991 and subsequent certification in 1994.

  • The PC-12 was a breakthrough design by Pilatus, integrating the reliable PT6 engine, a staple in the manufacturer's previous models.

  • In 2006, Pilatus unveiled the PC-12NG (Next Generation) at NBAA, which received certification in 2008.

  • Today, the PC-12NG is widely utilized for various purposes worldwide, including government, military, and civil utility missions. Its adaptable nature allows for swift and efficient configuration to suit diverse needs.

Versatility and Reliability:

  • Marketed as "as versatile as a Swiss Army knife," the PC-12NG boasts rugged flexibility, low operating costs, and proven reliability, making it suitable for a wide range of missions.

  • The PC-12NG has undergone continuous refinement over three decades, resulting in enhancements such as increased take-off weight, more powerful engines, speed and range improvements, noise reduction, and upgraded avionics and in-flight entertainment systems.

The Pilatus PC-12NG stands as a testament to Pilatus' commitment to innovation and excellence, offering Atlas Air Ambulance a dependable and adaptable aircraft to fulfill our air medical transportation missions with utmost safety and efficiency.

Pilatus PC-12
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