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  • How do we schedule a transport?
    At Atlas Air Ambulance, we recognize the overwhelming nature of having an ill or injured loved one, especially when navigating the complexities of medical transport. That's why our experienced team is here to assist you every step of the way. Our dedicated Flight Coordinators work tirelessly to arrange safe patient transport nationwide, alleviating the stress and ensuring a smooth journey for your loved one.
  • What is an Air Ambulance?
    An air ambulance Is a business class aircraft that is medically customized with a stretcher,advanced life support equipment, a wide range of medication, and a specialize flight-trained medical staff. To transport its customers, Atlas Air Ambulance utilizes aircrafts which are operated by DOT-Licensed and FAA certified air carriers.
  • Why would a patient need an Air Ambulance?
    You may need air transport when other forms of transportation would be dangerous to your health, or would risk the success of a needed procedure. You may need one if you're bleeding beyond the control of regular services, or if you need oxygen, life support, or other aid during transportation. Air transport is often used in cases involving stroke, heart attack, burn care, head or spinal cord injury, and transplant. It's also common when injury occurs in a remote place where regular transport isn't accessible, or when large distances must be traveled in a short time. Extensive or urgent medical attention is needed and time is critical Critical illness or injury where patient cannot be transported by commercial means Injury or illness while traveling in a foreign country Illness or injury requiring treatment by a specialist Traveling by car or ground ambulance is medically inappropriate or unsafe
  • What does beside-to-bedside care mean?
    To ensure continuity of care, our Atlas Air Ambulance medical team is with the patient from the very beginning of the transport. Our team arrives at the patient’s bedside at the sending facility or hospital.
  • Does my insurance cover Air Ambulance services?
    Many health insurance policies, automobile policies, workers’ compensation plans and travel insurance policies provide coverage for air and ground ambulance services. Atlas Air Ambulance has a deep understanding of the various medical coverage policies available in the marketplace and extensive experience dealing with most insurance carriers to obtain all benefits to which a patient is entitled. In order to best determine whether you, your family member, your friend, or your patient's insurance will cover the costs of air medical transportation, contact our insurance experts today. By simply providing your insurance card or member ID, we will be able to quickly identify your coverage terms.
  • What is "Medical Necessity"?"
    In an effort to provide a standard definition of "Medical Necessity" and to establish a standard set of practices performed by Private Insurance Carriers, the American Medical Association put together the “Model Managed Care Contract.” The American Medical Association defines "Medical Necessity" as the following: Health care or services that a prudent physician would provide to a patient for the purposes of preventing, diagnosing, or treating an illness, injury, disease, or its symptoms in a manner that is: (a) in accordance with generally accepted standards of medical practice; (b) clinically appropriate in terms of frequency, extent, site, and duration; and (c) not primarily for the economic benefit of the health plans and purchasers or for the convenience of the patient, treating physician, or other health care provider.

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